With over 90 years of touring expertise, Globus has mastered the art of first class travel. We offer more than 480 carefully crafted tours around the globe, so no matter what destination interests travellers most, we’ve got them covered. We know that every moment counts and of course, you don’t want to waste precious time waiting in a queue, so don’t. We’ll take you straight to the front of the line so you can get busy making the memories that you’ll re-live again and again. Want to explore the latest cocktail bar? We’ll take you direct to the locals’ favourite. Ready for a rest? We’ve found beautiful beds so that your downtime is as magical as the rest of your day. Even getting from A to B is an event in itself, as our WiFi-enabled coaches redefine relaxation. We know the best routes for a remarkable ride and you’ve got a front-row view of it all. Let us connect you with a new world of people, places and experiences that will ignite your imagination.


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