Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is a country of endless majestic mountains, turquoise lakes and verdant scenery. A popular destination for ski resorts and hiking trails, Switzerland is also renowned for its chocolate, watches and Roger Federer.

With four language regions, the country is rich in history, cultural offerings and traditions. And while the major cities of Zurich, Basel and Geneva are modern in many ways, the country’s past is extremely well preserved and often add to the overall appeal. This is especially evident in the capital city of Bern, the iconic and picturesque city of Lucerne and smaller towns or villages peppered across the country.

Wherever you go, nature is never far. Adventure seekers often head to Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region for some adrenaline inducing activities and hikes, while food and wine lovers may opt to spend more time in the UNESCO heritage listed Lavaux in the Lake Geneva Region, taking in the scenery and tasting local delicacies and grape varieties. The vibrant nightlife in all of the major cities may be an attraction for some, but others may opt for a different kind of buzz in ski resort towns such as Engelberg, Zermatt or St Moritz.

Throughout the year, festivals and events fill the Swiss calendar, so visitors are never short of things to do. From Carnival in Lucerne and Basel and the Zurich street parade to the world famous jazz festival in Montreux and the Alpine descent of cows at the end of summer, Switzerland is abuzz with activities wherever and whenever you go. And if the weather is not conducive to outdoor fun, there are museums to keep you engaged and entertained. With more than 1000 museums around the country, Switzerland has carved out a niche as a country of collectors. Unlike many traditional museums, Swiss museums are often (and surprisingly) fun and interactive, offering experiential learning experiences to visitors.

Finally, the Swiss are known for their efficiency and punctuality and this is reflected in the way the country operates. Travellers are often impressed with the Swiss Travel Pass, which offers unlimited travel on all public transportation; free entry to more than 480 museums and 50% discount off mountain rail passes. Value for money is just the beginning!

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