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South Korea


Korea offers rewarding experiences and fun and exciting activities year round.  Travellers to the country can not only enjoy the 5,000 years of history and culture on offer but experience the latest fashion and K-Pop trends and world renowned technology.   Korea has excellent transportation facilities making it easy for foreign visitors to get around and enjoy all the major attractions.  The main destinations are Seoul, a global design city known for its royal palaces, high tech buildings, museums, shopping, restaurants and nightlife followed by Gyeongju, the ancient capital of Korea with its royal tombs and UNESCO sites.  Busan is the seaport in the south-east corner and semi-tropical Jeju Island is also a popular place for summer holidays.  You can trek in beautiful nature in national parks as well as ski in the winter, Korea is set to host the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Korea has a myriad of experiences for foreign visitors to immerse themselves in the culture.  Here are the top ten experiences to enjoy!
Templestay Experience - The Korean templestay program offers an escape from the stress of city life within the surrounds of a serene Korean Buddhist mountain temple.  Embrace the life of a monk for a day or two and learn how to meditate, eat traditional temple foods and share stories.

Art of Making Kimchi - Spice up your life and learn how to make your own kimchi.   Kimchi is the most iconic dish of Korea and is served with every meal including breakfast.  
Festival Fun - Join in one of Korea's famous festivals like the Boryeong Mud Festival held in July every year.  Cover yourself with a mud pack for its health benefits or join in mudslides, mud massages and more.

Trek Korea's National Parks  - Get lost in the beautiful natural scenery of one of Korea's famous national parks, particularly beautiful during the autumn season when leaves turn crimson and gold.
Learn Taekwondo - Learn the ancient discipline of Taekwondo, Korea's unique martial arts.  There are numerous programs available including Muju Taekwondo Park.

Sleep Korean style - Enjoy the best sleep ever at a traditional Korean house (hanok) where you sleep on the floor with the warmth of under-floor heating. 

Enjoy Korean BBQ - Share a table with friends and cook your own BBQ at one of the many Korean BBQ Restaurants. Sizzle some marinated beef (Bulgogi) or marinated beef ribs (Galbi) and enjoy with a selection of mouth-watering side dishes.

Shopping 24/7
- Shop day and night in Korea with department stores that stay open all night.  Major markets like Namdaemun and Dongdaemun in Seoul also open early and close.
K-POP - Korean nightlife - Take in a K-POP performance or hang out with the cool crowd in places like Gangnam or Hongdae where there is a concentration of nightclubs.

Free Walking Tours of Seoul - Put on your comfy shoes and check out the Seoul royal palaces and historic cultural streets of Seoul.  Seoul City has FREE walking tours of many parts of the city on a regular daily basis.

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