A land of castles and fairytales, Denmark stretches across the Jutland Peninsula and some 500 islands. Regarded as one of the world’s happiest countries, this delightful destination offers cosmopolitan cities, rolling-meadows, dappled forests, bird-filled marshlands and secluded beaches. Enjoy a guided coach tour, escorted rail tour or self-driving holiday in Denmark to experience just how hassle-free Scandinavian travel can be. Denmark’s thousand-year-old capital is a charming city of medieval architecture and cobbled streets. Home to some of Europe’s best restaurants, Copenhagen is also a hub for theatre, opera and contemporary music.

50km from Copenhagen is Kronborg Castle, made famous by Shakespeare as the setting of Hamlet. Further west at Odense, you can visit a museum celebrating the life of Hans Christian Andersen, the literary genius who gave us The Little Mermaid and other fairy tales.

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